Core Belief
We believe that the energy and ambition of the Principal of each portfolio company is the single most important success factor
Why choose us?
We provide a winning combination of people, expertise and drive to help your business deliver innovation to your clients.
We have successfully built and exited multiple technology companies
We are operators,
not finance people
We have great
industry relationships
Our award-winning, expert team can tackle the toughest IT initiatives, making visions of the future an attainable reality.
IT Service Management
Avik leadership has successfully started and ramped two IT Service Management companies prior to launching Tribal Genius. The first company was spun off from gen-E and sold to another ITSM services company in 2008.

Our experience implementing ITSM platforms (BMC Remedy and IBM) for large Service Providers and Fortune 500 Enterprises has given us a unique outlook on building and scaling efficient ITSM processes and tools.
IT Operations
Avik leadership has successfully founded, scaled, and exited 2 large service and software companies in the IT Operations space.

gen-E Technologies was an early pioneer in implementing large, scalable, IT Ops platforms, with clients including one of the largest Banks in the world and the largest Telecom in the U.S.

Resolve Systems was an early pioneer in intelligent IT Ops automation and has evolved to apply the platform to the IT security space.
Startup & Bootstrap Growth
Want to learn how you can scale from a $250k investment in IP to a $100MM exit with almost no outside growth capital?

Want to learn how to bootstrap an IT Services business from 0 to $15MM in revenues in 5 years? We love building the foundations of great businesses and seeing them soar to great heights!
Private Equity Financing
We don't believe that outside capital is part of the foundation of a great business- but it plays an important role in scaling a great business and speeding up the engine.

We've led several successful fundraising processes and can absolutely help raise the right kind of capital when the time is right.
Service Providers
We have been working with Telecom and Managed Service Providers for decades to evolve their operations with the rapid business and technology changes that have occurred.

As services move away from hardware based architectures and rely increasingly on scaled automation, we are excited about what the future holds.
For media queries, sales information and more, please use this form to reach out to our operations team.

We look forward to sharing our vision with you!
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