Enterprise IT Efficiency Tops the CIO Wish List
What's top of mind for CIOs as 2013 draws near? At gen-E, we have conversations with CIOs every day, and the one issue that continues to shape their decision making is creating more IT efficiency. The scope of their responsibilities has broadened – from contending with multitudes of mobile devices, to overseeing huge global enterprise platforms, including both legacy and newly implemented systems. It's a never-ending challenge for CIOs to stay on top of day-to-day IT demands, and at gen-E, we think companies are going to need to get every level of the organization involved in order to make IT more efficient – which will ultimately make the organization more successful.

Through our Resolve ITPA family of products, our approach to process automation is directed at doing just that. Resolve is a solution that is the first of its kind to bring together enterprise social,collaboration, dynamic knowledge management, decision support, analytics, process orchestration and process automation – all in a single platform.

With Resolve, it's all about putting human ingenuity at the forefront of workplace advancement. This approach has allowed our customers to do everything from achieving time savings of thousands of hours each year, to maintaining 24/7 uptime, improving incident handling by up to 50 percent and preventing loss of service to customers.

The gen-E mission, and our Resolve platform, is based upon four key pillars that, together, bring IT efficiency to new levels. These pillars include:

People are the first and most crucial part of the equation: we approach automation as amechanism to provide more opportunity for creative work versus repetitive work. Individuals are happiest when they participate in a community that asks the best of them and allows them to contribute their potential. Resolve gets the entire organization to participate in IT – to make it better and share their experiences for the benefit of all. And what's more, they get rewarded for doing so through our gamification features.

Processes have always been human centric, and with Resolve we add the additional dimensionof social interaction. Not that cross departmental and cross functional collaboration doesn't happen today, but with Resolve we provide the tools to make it easier, and most important -- to make it measurable.

Peter Drucker once said, "Knowledge is the source of wealth. Applied to tasks that we alreadyknow, it becomes productivity. Applied to tasks that are new, it becomes innovation." Apply this same precept to your organization and you'll see why we think knowledge management is one of our cornerstones – and in fact, it is at the very core of our platform to create ongoing businessintelligence, encourage ongoing knowledge sharing, and create a continuous cycle of actionable feedback for use at every level of the organization.

Last but not least is automation and the tools that make it possible. Our domain of IT Process Automation has spawned a host of powerful automation tools, integration libraries, and process template libraries. The gen-E team has labored long and hard to encapsulate the knowledge and best practices we've developed through the years and build an automation platform that is unmatched in flexibility and power and has a deep library of tools that make it easy to automate.

Take a look at our online demos to get a better feel for how Resolve can transform IT efficiency in your organization.

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