Avik Partners Launches Grok to Transform DevOps through Machine Intelligence-Driven Anomaly Detection
Avik Partners, a new machine intelligence-driven streaming analytics company, launched Grok, a software as a service (SaaS) platform that detects anomalies in critical IT systems by continuously learning complex patterns from streaming data in application environments.

Now available for beta testing and slated for general availability in Q4 2015, Grok applies a new breed of machine learning to IT operations analytics and IT service management (ITSM) in organizations that leverage public or private cloud infrastructure. Grok's unique combination of automated and adaptive learning finds unusual behavior other solutions miss and offers resolution for today's time-strapped enterprise IT departments.

With Grok, Avik has implemented the first SaaS-based application of its kind and will initially target Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments.

"The SaaS approach allows us to combine the ease of use organizations require with the ability to deploy hundreds of predictive models, without any help from a data scientist," said Casey Kindiger, CEO of Avik Partners. "Each model has the potential to uncover issues before they impact the application environment."

Avik acquired the core technology for the new offering from Numenta, Inc., a leader in machine intelligence, through a strategic relationship announced in August.

The Grok application and brand were transferred to Avik under a broad general licensing agreement for Numenta's Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) technology. As part of the agreement, Numenta also took a minority ownership position in Avik.

"Using our HTM technology, Avik is changing the paradigm in IT operations by transforming traditional human-driven and rules-based reactive processes into machine-driven proactive processes," said Numenta CEO Donna Dubinsky. "Through HTM, they are well positioned to overcome the gaps and delays in IT operations created by today's outdated approaches to IT monitoring."

Kindiger, a veteran enterprise software solutions provider and IT automation expert, founded Avik in 2014 after more than a decade of designing and developing process automation solutions for companies such as JP Morgan Chase, T-Mobile, Allstate Insurance and others.

"Unlike other tools that rely on static thresholds or simple statistical techniques, Grok leverages continuous learning and intelligent streaming data to detect anomalies and unusual behaviors. Customers will be able to use our analytics engine to drive a faster and more proactive approach to monitoring, while putting in place more effective workflows to expedite IT resolution," said Kindiger. "We are very excited to take the Grok technology and brand, move it forward and build on it to benefit enterprise IT customers."

Featuring a user interface that allows application and infrastructure support personnel to quickly drill down to important anomalies and take action before the problem compounds, Grok will be available as an Android mobile app upon release, with an iOS app also planned. Through upcoming integrations with ServiceNow and other popular solutions, Avik seeks to operate as a complementary player to enhance the work already being performed by the major platform providers in the ITSM space.

Organizations interested in beta testing Grok in an extended free trial, click here. To contact Avik Partners and for further information about Grok, visit Grokstream.com

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